NOAA Weather Image Receiver

I had been interested in doing this a number of years ago as an additional resource for my Weather Station but never really had the time to look into it and build something

With the current pandemic and some assistance from a friend Andy G7GQA providing me the Raspberry Pi SD image he uses

i am now beginning to build something to try receiving NOAA Images

You can Visit Andy`s Blog (Doz’ Blog) at  – Lots of useful resources aswell as Recycling/Repairing old equipment (TV’s, Radio’s, Amplifiers etc.)

Parts and Plan so far:

IP55 Rated Outdoor Junction Box from Local DIY Store for Antenna Feed Point Connection

4mm and 5mm rod from the local DIY store – i would have liked smaller but it was all that was available in the current Pandemic to make Antenna Dipole Elements

NoElec USB SDR Receiver

Raspberry Pi 3? Maybe a Zero? I would like to use a Pi3 and install it alongside the ADS-B Pi in the same 19inch Rack Mount Unit but it all depends on testing whether the loss in the length of feeder is too much where it would require the system being installed outdoors and how i am for space should i need to use outdoor weatherproof housing.

The Antenna will be installed alongside my Current Antenna Systems for Amateur Radio and other projects and so i will design and construct the antenna to work around current installations that are already in place.

My plan is to start off by feeding the Dipole Antenna without any LNA Amplifier/Bandpass Filter first of all and see how well it performs and if i need to expand the system for additional Gain/Filtering on the antenna then i can do so.

With my ADS-B project i found the high levels of RF (50W that i am licensed for) from my Amateur Radio System were overloading the ADS-B receiver and i may need to look at purchasing and installing a band pass filter for the NOAA receiver – time and testing will tell…

More Information and any received images etc to follow here soon….